Training: L & D Nurse Comfort Measures Workshop


Before teaching this workshop, you are required to watch (or review) the following trainings. Please give yourself enough time to watch all of the trainings! You will need to budget about 6.5 hours to study to teach this class, not including time that you will spend going over the Instructor Manual.

For additional training on the specific comfort measures you’ll be teaching, I also recommend you listen to the following EBB podcasts:

If you don’t listen to podcasts, but prefer to read, you can search for these topics in the EBB Blog here.

Important Info

This workshop is entitled, “Comfort Measures for Labor and Delivery Nurses.” You have my permission to go ahead and tell people about it, and start marketing!

I have provided you with an Instructor manual, instructional videos, demonstration videos (below), logo, event cover photo, marketing language and flyer language, and a host of other curriculum materials. The printable materials and photos/logos are all located in the “Materials” link here.

Continuing Education

This seminar is worth 3.5 nursing contact hours from the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Nursing contact hours can typically be applied to most doula and childbirth educator certifications, as well as the CPM credential.

Supplies Needed:

I talk about this in the instructional video, but do not let the list of supplies frighten you! Also, do your best to borrow as many of the supplies as possible. You should NOT be purchasing what you could borrow for free, or rent at a low cost! See Page 3 in your Instructor Manual for the comprehensive list of supplies.


Instructional Video

Training starts at 30ish seconds into the video!

Part 1: Group Workshop

Recorded March 2020, the weekend before the pandemic shut down.

Part 2: Stations + Role Plays


Additional Training Video: Q & A with Dr. Kate Levett about Acupressure

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