Savvy Birth Pro Workshop Training


A pre-requisite to teaching this seminar is to watch the instructional and demonstration video further down on this page.

Important Info

This class is entitled, “Savvy Birth Pro Workshop” You have my permission to go ahead and tell people about it, and start marketing! As soon as you create a Facebook event page, please submit a Facebook “co-host” request to EBB.

I have provided you with instructional video, an Instructor manual, Facebook event cover photo, marketing language and flyer language, and activities and a role play. These are all located in the Instructor Google Drive link on the Savvy Birth Pro Resources page.

Info about marketing and workshop supplies are covered in the Instructor manual.

For International Instructors

If you live outside the U.S., please contact to set up a meeting time with me where we can customize this info to your home country.

Continuing education

This workshop is worth 3 nursing contact hours from the Kentucky Board of Nursing. Most doulas and CBEs can claim nursing contact hours towards their certification. CPMs can as well. The target market for this workshop is doulas, childbirth educators, and nurses.

Instructional Videos

How to Teach the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop: Part 1

How to Teach the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop: Part 2

Demo Videos

The Demo was taught by Cat LaPlante, Coordinator of the EBB Instructor Program. Her audience was a small group of EBB Instructors who were attending the 2018 Instructor Retreat, and wanted to see what it would be like to teach the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop.

Demo Part 1

Demo Part 2

Demo Part 3

Demo Part 4

Demo Part 5

Power Activity Demonstration with a Larger Group

This particular video was done with parents, but you get the idea! In the earlier demo videos with the smaller group, she used the cards. But with a large group (10+ people), you can use the larger group activity, shown in this demo video.

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