Savvy Birth for Parents Workshop Training


Want to teach a Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents?

Prerequisite: Watch the demo videos below

You can download the Instructor materials (including the manual) here.


Evidence Based Care + the Quiz

Top-Down vs. Family Centered Care

Guest teacher: Cat LaPlante, Coordinator of the EBB Instructor Program

Golden Ticket- Provider

Golden Ticket- Setting

Ticket 1: Support & Education

Guest teacher: Cindy Calvano, EBB Instructor

Ticket 2: Communication

Tickets 3: Know your Rights

Ticket 4 + Wrap-up: Love

Tutorial on How to make the Quiz for Attendees:

Start watching at time marker 7:48 and watch through to the end. This video is a training on how to make the quiz for the Savvy Birth Pro workshop, but you’re going to use the same quiz for the Parents’ workshop as well.

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