Instructor Program – Scholarship Enrollment (2023)

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Evidence Based Birth® Instructor program. By enrolling, you will gain access to:

  • A comprehensive training program
  • Curriculum, training, and manuals to teach the Comfort Measures workshop, Savvy Birth Pro Workshop, Savvy Birth Workshop, Savvy Birth 101, and Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class– available in in-person and virtual formats
  • An interactive Events Calendar where you can submit all your EBB Events once you start teaching
  • A private community just for Evidence Based Birth® Instructors

You will remain an Instructor through the date listed in your Instructor agreement. You can renew your Instructor status each year by adhering to the Instructor Agreement and accepting your scholarship.



IMPORTANT: Please use the same email address for ALL of your EBB logins. This will help prevent any missed emails about important instructor updates. If you change your email address at any time, it is your responsibility to update Rikki.