X – NOT VALID – Instructor Program – Pay in full – 1497 ( VIP )

Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Evidence Based Birth® Instructor program.

You have selected the VIP Plan! This means that you will receive access to regularly scheduled group training calls for the next year with Rebecca, as well as a live 20-minute Skype visit by Rebecca at one of your seminars or workshops. You have chosen to pay for your VIP plan in one lump sum of $1497.

Instructors who enroll will gain access to:

  • A comprehensive training program with CEUs for nurses, midwives (both CPMs and CNMs), doulas, childbirth educators, and physicians
  • Curriculum to teach the EBB Seminar Series and the Savvy Birth PRO Workshop to professionals in your community
  • Resources for your clients, including a partial childbirth educator curriculum for certified childbirth educators, Savvy prenatal visit curriculum for your clients, and the Savvy Birth Workshop and Savvy Birth 101 curriculum for clients
  • The New Comfort Measure for Labor and Delivery Nurses curriculum recently released in 2019 for all Instructors
  • The opportunity for more advanced training to be able to teach the full Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Education class
  • A new, interactive Events Calendar where you can submit all your EBB Events once you start teaching
  • A private community just for Evidence Based Birth® Instructors, including a private Facebook group and private forums
  • Complimentary access to the Evidence Based Birth® Professional CEU membership ($447 value) for as long as you remain an active Instructor in the program
  • Complimentary access the the Birth Business Teacher class

You will remain an Instructor through June 30, 2021. You can renew your Instructor status each year for an annual renewal fee of $427. You will be locked into that renewal rate, with no price increases!