Childbirth Class Training – Experienced Educator Track

*If you are apart of the Fall 2022 Instructor Cohort, this fee is included. Refer to your email for your coupon code.*


This training includes:

  • 8 hours of pre-recorded training/Q & A
  • 3 hours of offered optional Accountability Calls
  • Special private community group just for Instructors teaching the EBB Childbirth Class
  • 10+ hours of self-paced online videos + Quiz
  • Permission to teach the EBB Childbirth Class for as long as you remain an active EBB Instructor (priceless!)

Self Paced Suggested Schedule 

  • November 14, 2022 Last day to enroll in Experienced Educator
  • November 18, 2022 Last day for EE exam / Last day for FT sign up 
  • December 5-11 Week 1 Evidence Based Care– Call on 12/2 2pm EST
  • December 12-18 Weeks 2 & 3 Comfort Measures & Advocacy  – Call 12/12  2pm EST
  • December 19-23 Week 4 Interventions and Birth Plans 
  • January 2-8 Week 5 Fourth Trimester & Bonus Content- Call on 1/6  12pm EST
  • January 9-15 Assessment Quiz for Part 2 (must pass in order to teach the class!)
  • January 16-20 Buffer Week (in case you need to catch up)
  • January 20 – Challenge deadline for free t-shirt!
  • January 21- Start scheduling your classes & teaching!

The quiz will open up at 12 PM EST on January 9th and you must pass the quiz in order to teach the EBB Childbirth Class.

You will have two open-note, 90-minute attempts to take the quiz.


This is an intense training period, but it will be worth it to get it done so that you will be ready to teach!

The total time commitment for the training formally 22 hours (8 hours of pre-record live training + 14 hours of self-study) plus four optional accountability calls (five are offered but you must attend one) plus time needed to take the quiz.

If you complete this training, you will be eligible to start teaching private and group EBB Childbirth Classes as early as February 2023!


  • The physical EBB Childbirth Class workbooks are sold in the shop here!
  • There is a free digital workbook included in the class.


Please contact if you have any questions!