Childbirth Class Training – Experienced Educator Track

The Experienced Educator Track is for current EBB Instructors who do not meet the criteria listed on the Fast Track page.  This track is really for anyone else that wants to take this training to teach the EBB Childbirth Class. Please contact support for clarification.

This product is only for Instructors who plan to teach the complete EBB Childbirth Class. You may only purchase this training if you are a current EBB Instructor and you are already a certified CBE, midwife, nurse midwife, or physician.

This is a one-time, non-refundable fee that includes:

  • 8 hours of pre-recorded training/Q & A
  • 5 hours of offered Accountability Calls
  • Special private community group just for Instructors teaching the EBB Childbirth Class
  • 1 deluxe Student Materials fee ($50 value; includes workbook + 6 months access)
  • 1 printed spiral-bound workbook for your personal use ($30 value)
  • 10+ hours of self-paced online videos + Quiz
  • Permission to teach the EBB Childbirth Class for as long as you remain an active EBB Instructor (priceless!)

Self Paced Suggested Schedule 

  • March 11, 2022 Last day to enroll in Experienced Educator
  • March 15, 2022 Last day for EE exam / Last day for FT sign up 
  • March 14-18 Orientation, Demos, Scheduling – Call on 3/16 2pm EST
  • March 21-25 Weeks 1 &2 and Communication – Call 3/25 11:30am EST
  • March 28-31 Week 3,4,5 and Common Questions – Call on 4/1 2pm EST
  • April 4-8 Comfort Measures and Follow Up – Call on 4/8 2pm EST
  • April 11-15 Suggested Exam Completion – Call on 4/15 1pm EST
  • April 22 Exam Deadline

The quiz will open up at 12 PM EST on April 11th and you must pass the quiz by Friday, April 22nd at 8:00 PM EST, or else defer until the next training period.

You will have two open-note, 90-minute attempts to take the quiz.


This is an intense training period, but it will be worth it to get it done so that you will be ready to teach!

The total time commitment for the training formally 22 hours (8 hours of pre-record live training + 14 hours of self-study) plus four optional accountability calls (five are offered but you must attend one) plus time needed to take the quiz. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you plan a reduced work schedule during this time period, so that you can keep up with the suggested class schedule. 

If you complete this training, you will be eligible to start teaching private and group EBB Childbirth Classes as early as May 2022! You are also saving on travel costs– since this training takes place completely online, you are saving up to $500 in flight fees and $300 in hotel fees!

In order to receive your physical workbook as soon as possible, please register now.  We will send it out as soon as possible after you register. The e-workbook is available on your dashboard right when you log in!


  • You MUST attend one of the five offered accountability calls, watch all the required videos, and complete all of the required homework by each designated deadline in order to be eligible to take the quiz by April 22nd.
  • We do grant exceptions for extreme scenarios.  Please email with any concerns or questions along the way.
  • If you have a need or special accommodations, please let us know by emailing

Please contact if you have any questions!



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