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This roadmap will lay out the reccomended path for beginners in the Evidence Based Birth® Professional Membership! Feel free to bookmark this page, or print a copy for quick reference. All items mentioned can be found within your Professional Member Dashboard.




Learn how to navigate the site, discuss the benefits you get as a professional member, learn how to participate in the community, and take a brief quiz. ( 30-45 minutes )



How to Help Families Get Evidence Based Care

This training course consists of the six modules listed below. Once you complete training and assessment you will receive a certificate for your 8 contact hours.


Module 1: Evidence Based Care

Learn about the definition and history of evidence based care, and the influence our “medical minds” have on decision making.

Module 2: Maternity Care Teams 

Become versed in building inter-professional maternity care teams. Discover the education and training of the different types of providers, the difference between medical and midwifery models of care, and barriers/solutions to the need for inter-professional education and collaboration.

Module 3: Birth Settings 

Familiarize yourself with the research evidence on birth settings, including hospitals, home birth, and birth centers.

Module 4: Labor Support

Explore the role of labor and delivery nurses, partners, and doulas, and how they can work together.

Module 5: Getting Educated and Birth Plans 

Review actual research on childbirth education (is it effective?) and birth plans (do they work?), and cover techniques of respectful communication.

Module 6: Know your Rights

Take a closer look at the human and legal rights of birthing women.  ( Taught by Cristen Pascucci )

Take the Quiz 

Once you’ve watched all of the modules, you are ready to take your open-note assessment quiz!  The quiz will consist of approximately 40 multiple choice and multiple response items. Once you’ve passed the quiz, you can download your certificate for 8 contact hours.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-12-52-23-pm

Monthly Live Training

We started filming monthly training sessions in 2015, and all of the archives are available to you. You can also register for upcoming live trainings so you don’t miss them!



Check out the Library:

You now have unlimited access to:

  • All of the Evidence Based Birth Signature Article PDFs ( Full Articles, One Page Handouts + Extras )
  • All of the Evidence Based Birth Video Tutorial Series


Take CEU courses:

Right now we have several courses available for you to take. Each class ranges from 2-3 hours long and can usually be completed in about a week’s time.

  • Eyes and Thighs (Vitamin K and Eye Ointment), 2 contact hours
  • Friedman’s Curve and Failure to Progress, 2 contact hours
  • Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age, 3 contact hours
  • Big Babies and Gestational Diabetes, 3 contact hours
  • Overturning Hospital Bans, 3 contact hours


Take a live class:

Want to bring a live Evidence Based Birth® course to your community? Check out our directory of Evidence Based Birth® Instructors, who are teaching our in-person continuing education courses in community settings!


Flourish with the community:

Don’t forget to stay involved in our EBB community! We need support from one another if we are going to be change agents.


Consider applying for our Instructor Program

Do you want to teach official Evidence Based Birth® content to your clients and to fellow professionals in your community? We offer a training once per year for people to become official Evidence Based Birth® Instructors. Enrollment is open every Spring / Fall. Professional members get a special discount on the Instructor enrollment fee.

Eligibility criteria: You can apply if you are a certified doula, certified CBE, licensed nurse, licensed midwife, or physician who has at least one year experience


Before you begin:

Remember, all of the resources listed above are available in the dashboard.

We will continue to release live training sessions monthly, and new CEU courses throughout the year. We are here to support you, so please continue to post your comments and questions in the community forums and if you need assistance please e-mail us at support@evidencebasedbirth.com


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