New Instructor Quiz

Great news!

By finishing the Evidence Based Birth® instructor training program, you are now eligible to earn 8 nursing contact hours, 0.7 ACNM CEUs, 8 AAFP prescribed credits, AND the title of an official Evidence Based Birth® Instructor.

(If you watched the alternative training modules because you were previously a professional member, please complete this process instead).

Follow these steps to earn your certificate and title:

  1. SURVEY: Complete the evaluation survey ( below ).
  2. QUIZ: Take the 50-item assessment quiz  ( below ).
  3. CERTIFICATE: you pass the quiz with an 85% or higher, you will automatically receive your continuing education certificate. Congratulations – you are now officially an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor! We will also be manually emailing you a custom certificate that you can print and hang if you wish! Please allow 2-3 business days for your beautiful certificate to arrive in your inbox.
  4. DOWNLOAD + SHARE: After passing the quiz, please download this badge and shebb_instructor_color-01are it to all your social media outlets. You can even make it your profile photo if you wish! Let everyone know that you are now officially an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor, and TAG us, too! Our social media handles are: Facebook: @evidencebasedbirth Instagram: @ebbirth Twitter: @birthevidence
  5. UPLOAD:  Once you’re done telling all your friends, upload a screenshot of one of your social media posts right below this #5 to add one more very important badge to your collection of badges!!

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Quiz Instructions:

The quiz will cover items from each of the six modules, along with several items testing your basic knowledge of the EBB Instructor agreement that you signed when you entered the program. You may want to go back and download each of the lecture handouts and have them open on your computer screen while you go through the quiz.

You will have up to two open-note attempts to take the quiz. There is no time limit. You must pass the quiz with an 85% score or higher. If you do not pass the quiz within two attempts, please email Rebecca at for remediation instructions before you can attempt the quiz again.

The quiz questions are a mixture of multiple choice, “select all that apply” (in which you must select ALL of the correct answers out of 5-6 options), true-or-false, and fill-in-the-blank. Most of the questions are written at the application level, meaning that you will have to apply what you’ve learned to the scenario listed in the question. This means you may have to use critical thinking skills! If you’re not used to this, it may take one time going through to get used to it. It’s okay. It’s open-note. You get two attempts. Stay positive and calm. You can do this!

FYI, the quiz has taken previous instructors anywhere from 35 minutes to 1.5 hours to complete, so please budget your time accordingly!


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