New Instructor Challenge

I’m excited to announce that the prize for this year’s challenge for new Instructors is a brand new Instructors’ only t-shirt, and a new decal and lanyard!

Here are the rules of the challenge:

You must complete the Orientation module, the training course on “How to Help Families Get Evidence Based Care,” and the final assessment quiz by the challenge date specified in your Orientation. You must complete all requirements in the courses, including posting in the forums when instructed, etc.

If you were already a professional member, and you have already taken the course listed above, you will need to complete the alternate requirements listed in the Orientation module. You will also complete an alternative quiz.

We will order the t-shirts all at once after the challenge is over, and you should hopefully receive them about a month after the challenge date has passed.

You can track your progress using these fun badges!

See below for info on how you can earn your badges. If they are greyed out, it means you haven’t earned them yet!

[badgeos_achievements_list type=”challenge” limit=”10″ show_filter=”true” show_search=”false” orderby=”date” order=”ASC” wpms=”false”]