Zoom Session 4

Topic Progress:

Zoom Session for Online Week 4

5 points per person for attending, 5 points for prepping (if they seem prepared, then they get the 5 points!) 

  • How has your week gone?
  • Set the agenda- tell them we’re going to talk about the Online Week 4 course, talk about how it’s going with writing their birth plans, then talk about how practice is going at the end.
  • Q & A about online content
    • What did you think about the bundle of interventions? 
    • Do you remember the questions to ask to get true informed consent for any procedures?
    • What can you do if you feel like you’re being pressured into something you don’t want?
    • Do you have any questions about the interventions that can be done on the upper or lower half of your body?
    • What are your thoughts about epidurals?
    • What did you think about the induction videos?
    • What questions can you ask if an induction is recommended? (Remind them that they can find the questions in their workbook)
    • Did you watch a video on a natural induction method? What did you learn?
    • What are some ways to prevent preventable Cesareans? (Further questions could include, “What are some ways to prevent a Cesarean for Failure to Progress? For Fetal Heart Rate abnormalities?)
    • What are some things that families can do to have a better experience if they have a Cesarean?
    • How is it going with your birth plan? What kind of birth plans did you decide to create?
    • Practice BRAND with your students– ask them if they’d like to pick an intervention to talk about. Then you play the provider/nurse, and offer them the intervention. They need to ask you the appropriate questions. Make sure you have the table out so that you can list benefits, risks, and alternatives for them.
  • Points tally
    • Get out the Assignment sheet for Week 4
    • Ask each person what practice they did
  • Go over next week’s assignment (breastfeeding and baby!!)
  • Remind them of the last in-person class, tell them that they should bring pillows, find out if they’re bringing their doula (providers are also welcome!), and tell them that the first half will be a rehearsal where we simulate their birthing time, and the second hour will be a discussion about breastfeeding and postpartum.
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