Zoom Session 3

Topic Progress:

Zoom Session for Online Week 3

5 points per person for attending, 5 points per article that they prepped with

  • How has your week gone?
  • Set the agenda- tell them we’re going to cover the two handouts first, then talk about the Online Week 3 course, then talk about how practice is going at the end.
  • Evidence on Group B Strep
    • “Can somebody who read the Group B Strep handout, tell me what you learned?”
    • “Did anything jump out at you? What was something that surprised you? Anything else that your partner should know?”
  • Q & A about online content
    • What did you like about the comfort measure videos?
    • Which comfort measures did you like the best?
    • Did you practice the hip squeeze or counter pressure? When is a good time to practice (Answer, during Braxton Hicks).
    • Are you planning to use water immersion? If so, how is your plan going to access a tub? (Will you request one on hospital admission, will you be able to rent one for a home birth, do you know how to set it up if you are renting one?)
    • Did any of the birthing positions appeal to you? 
    • Do you have any other thoughts or questions about advocacy?
    • What did you think about the role play this week?
    • What did you like best about what communication techniques the partner used?
    • Say you were walking into the hospital, and I’m the nurse, what’s the first thing you would do? (Answer, introduce yourself, be friendly/personable, shake hands, make eye contact, thank them for caring for you both)
    • Do you have any other thoughts or questions about advocacy?
    • Talk about how practice is going
  • Points tally
    • Get out the Assignment sheet for Week 3
    • Ask each person what practice they did
  • Go over next week’s assignment
  • Remind them of the next Zoom date
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