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Very important!

We need your most recent info in order to submit your name for approval to teach CEU courses. If you want to be considered to offer ACNM or physician continuing education units, you need to submit all of this info by October 31st! If you want to offer nursing contact hours, this information has to be submitted at least one month before you teach your course.

Before you upload your documents, please read these instructions.

We will need the following documents from you:

  • Current resume
  • Current proof of certification
  • A short bio
  • A photo (optional)

Resume Instructions

Upload your resume below. Please make sure it is current and has your Evidence Based Birth® Instructor designation and any training courses you’ve taken from EBB. I’ve provided some examples below of how you can add your EBB info to your resume.

For example:

Under list of job titles

  • Evidence Based Birth® Instructor (2015 to current)

Under list of continuing education courses taken:

  • Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age (2 contact hours and 0.2 ACNM CEUs)
  • How to Help Families Get Evidence Based Care (10 contact hours and 0.8 ACNM CEUs)
  • If applicable: Vitamin K and Eye Ointment (2 contact hours and 0.2 ACNM pharmacology CEUs)
  • And list any other courses or live training webinars you’ve taken from EBB!

Under list of courses taught:

  • Savvy Birth Pro Workshop (worth 3 contact hours for attendees) or Savvy Birth Workshop for Parents
  • Any childbirth education classes that you teach, for example, you could state, “Childbirth education classes that include official Evidence Based Birth® content”

Bio Instructions:

In order for you to teach continuing education courses, we must have a short bio on hand describing your qualifications. This is required for our Board of Nursing continuing education approval.

Please upload a brief bio (no more than 200 words) describing:

  • Your name, title, and credentials, and qualifications
  • Your expertise in the subject matter (why are you qualified to teach the Savvy Birth Workshop, and seminars on evidence based care, due dates, newborn procedures, and home birth)
  • Your experience in presenting to adult learners and facilitating adult learning

For example (imaginary birth pro):

Sarah Smith, BA is a certified birth doula CD(DONA), certified lactation consultant (CLC), and Lamaze-certified childbirth educator (LCCE), as well as an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor. Sarah has taken an advanced training course from Evidence Based Birth® on how to help families get evidence based care, as well as official continuing education courses from Evidence Based Birth® on due dates, newborn procedures, and home birth. Sarah has extensive experience with presenting to adult audiences; she regularly presents to both expecting parents and birth professionals on childbirth research, with excellent evaluation results. She has also completed a course from Evidence Based Birth® on how to effectively teach continuing education courses to professionals. This is Sarah’s second year of presenting the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop, where she teaches professionals in the Memphis, Tennessee area how to help families receive evidence based care during their birth.

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