Demo of Savvy Birth PRO Workshop


If you intend to teach a Savvy Birth Pro Workshop, you should reserve about 3 hours of your time to watch and digest the videos of the demonstration workshop. This is the workshop curriculum for Professionals Only. If you want to teach a Parents’ workshop, that curriculum– although similar– has some important differences, that will be discussed in the lesson to be released on Wednesday, November 3, in the evening.

*The videos below are from the first version of the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop (most of the attendees in the videos were professionals, only 2 were parents). I did not make major revisions from 2015-2016. If you read the suggested script/cue cards in the Instructor Manual, the differences have to do with changing the wording from “you” to “your client.” I also made some changes to Step 4 to make it more applicable to doulas, and I changed the conclusion to make it applicable to professionals!

The Instructor Manual can be downloaded in the overarching lesson, which you can access here.

Intro to the Workshop (7-10 minutes)

Step 1: Evidence Based Care (~30 minutes)

Video 1A

Video 1B

Step 2: Choosing a Provider (~30 minutes)

Video 2A

Video 2B

Video 2C

~This is a Good Spot to Take a Refreshment Break~

Step 3: Choosing a Birth Setting (~20 minutes)

Video 3A

Video 3B

Step 4: Forming a Labor Support Team (~20 minutes)

Video 4

Step 5: Educating Yourself (~20 minutes)

Video 5A

Video 5B

~Take another quick bathroom/drink break before you do Step 6~

Step 6: Know your Rights (20 minutes)




Not Shown:

You will need to reserve about 5 minutes at the end to explain how they will get their certificate (i.e., you will be submitting their names/emails to EBB, they will be receiving an email from EBB in about 10-12 days with a link to an evaluation and brief 5-item quiz, after which they can download their certificate).


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