New Instructor Roadmap

ebb_instructors_colorWelcome, Instructors!

I wanted to create a central page where you could come to see a roadmap of your journey through the New Instructor training.

You will be completing an initial training from now through October 31st, and then you will have access to additional training on how to use the curriculum. This page outlines that training for you with all of the necessary links, so that you can’t get lost! ♥

Initial training

Your initial training consists of an orientation and six modules, released weekly on late Wednesday evenings. After you finish the initial training, you will be eligible to take the open-note assessment quiz. Upon passing the quiz, you will be granted your continuing education certificate and can announce to your audience that you are now officially an Evidence Based Birth® Instructor!

If you previously took the 6-module course as an EBB professional member, I have outlined an alternative training for you below. You will not need to complete the quiz if you already passed it as a professional member. Simply let us know when you’ve finished the alternative training, and you will earn the privilege of calling yourself an EBB Instructor!

Everyone who finishes this initial training by October 31 will receive a FREE special edition Instructor’s only t-shirt, lanyard, and decal.


In the orientation, which will take about 45-60 minutes, you’ll learn how to navigate the site, discuss details about your Instructor agreement and EBB branding, and take a brief quiz. To start or review your orientation, click here!

Module 1: Evidence Based Care (available now!)

In module 1, we will cover the definition and history of evidence based care, as well as talk about the influence our “medical minds” have on decision making.

Alternative assignment for prior professional members: Watch “How to read a paper” (recorded training session on home birth research). To access this alternative assignment, click here.

Module 2: Maternity Care Teams (available now!)

In module 2, we will talk about building inter-professional maternity care teams. We’ll talk about the education and training of the different types of providers, the difference between medical and midwifery models of care, and barriers/solutions to the need for interprofessional education and collaboration.

Alternative assignment: There is no alternative assignment this week, because most of the content in Module 2 is brand new! So prior professional members will watch Module 2 along with everyone else.

Module 3: Birth Settings (available now!)

In Module 3, we will discuss the research evidence on birth settings, including hospitals, home birth, and birth centers.

Alternative assignment: Watch the recorded training on motivational interviewing, found here.

Module 4: Labor Support (available now!)

Badge icon "Heart (1308)" provided by John Caserta, from The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)In this module, we will discuss the role of labor and delivery nurses, partners, and doulas, and how they can work together.

Alternative assignment: Watch the course on due dates, available here (don’t watch advanced maternal age yet, as that’s your assignment for next week).

Module 5: Getting Educated and Birth Plans (available now!)

Badge icon "Pencil (347)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons - Attribution (CC BY 3.0)In this module, we will look at the actual research on childbirth education (is it effective?) and birth plans (do they work?). We’ll also cover techniques of respectful communication.

Alternative assignment: Watch the videos on Advanced Maternal Age and take the quiz to earn your Due Dates/AMA certificate!

Module 6: Know your Rights (available now!)

Badge icon "Hospital (2230)" provided by The Noun Project under Creative Commons CC0 - No Rights ReservedIn this module, taught by Cristen Pascucci, we will take a closer like at the human and legal rights of birthing women.

Alternative assignment: Watch the recorded training on “How to be a Change Agent.”

Assessment Quiz to become an Instructor!

ebb_instructor_color-01Once you’ve watched all of the modules, you are ready to complete the evaluation and take your open-note assessment quiz!

If you want the free t-shirt you need to pass the quiz by October 31st. The quiz will consist of approximately 50 items, including multiple choice, select-all-that-apply, fill in the blank, and true or false questions. You will have two open-note attempts to take the quiz. There is no time limit!

You can access the evaluation and quiz here.

If you were previously a professional member and already passed the main course before you were an Instructor, click HERE to access your special instructions for getting your certificate for 4 additional nursing contact hours for watching “How to Read a Paper,” “Maternity Care Teams,” “Motivational Interviewing,” and “Change Agent” webinars. (You should have already gotten a certificate for Due Dates and AMA).

Make sure you’re signed up to get a prize!

Make sure you’ve submitted your t-shirt size and shipping info here so that we can ship you your prize if you finish the assessment by October 31!! Click here to complete the t-shirt survey.

Submission of Names for CEU Approval

On November 1st, we will submit the list of new Instructors and renewing Instructors to be approved for ACNM CEUs and AAFP physician CMEs as appropriate. We are not sure if everybody will be able to teach ACNM and AAFP CEU/CMEs, but we are going to try.

Everybody is already approved to teach EBB courses for nursing contact hours, which are good towards doula, childbirth educator, and CPM certifications.

Additional Training on the Curriculum

Congratulations on finishing your Evidence Based Birth® Instructor training! Now we’re going to talk about the tools that you can use with your clients and with professionals in your community!

Marketing Live CEU Events (available now; suggested start date 10/26)

In this lesson, which is the first in an overall course about how to teach the EBB curriculum, we will cover how to teach live continuing education events. You’ll learn how your students will earn their certificates, suggested pricing, and marketing tips and techniques.

This lesson is already available if you want to get it done ahead of time, but the suggested start date for us all to start watching together is 10/26.

You can watch the lesson on Marketing Live CEU events here.

How to Teach a Savvy Birth Workshop (available 11/2)

I am currently in the process of revising the Savvy Birth Workshop curriculum, so it will be available for new Instructors by November 2.

How to use the Online Course, Prenatal Visits, and Childbirth Educator curriculum (available 11/9)

The lessons on how to use the online course and prenatal visit curriculum are available now, but the CBE curriculum is currently under revision, and so that lesson will be available 11/9.

How to Teach the 1st Live Seminar

Available November 16. After you watch this lesson, you can enjoy the holidays and prepare to teach your first workshops/seminars in 2017!

You’ve reached the end of the Roadmap!

You are officially done with all of the New Instructor training and can move into implementation mode! We are here to support you… please continue to post your comments and questions in the community forums!

We are moving! The Forums and Facebook Group will be closing June 30th! Stay tuned for more details in your email!