Evidence Based Birth® Community Guidelines


We have zero tolerance for any racist comments or any comments that may make Black, Indigenous, and People of Color feel unwelcome, devalued, or attacked. Racist comments and “color blind” language will be deleted, and the commentator removed from the group. Speech denying racism or the existence of health inequities or questioning the impact of racism on health outcomes will be deleted, and we reserve the right to remove any member from this group and from the membership.

If you ask a question about the research on racism and we recommend you do the work to learn more, but you respond without doing any further research/self-education, then we reserve the right to delete any future comments from you and remove you from this group.

We have Black and Brown team members who moderate our social media platforms, as well as many valued members of our community who identify as Black and Brown, and we will not compromise their safety by permitting comments that deny the impact of racism. 

Note: *RACISM* and white supremacy are the cause of any racial disparities. And remember that there ARE known solutions –Black birth professionals and Black families hold the key!! If you are willing to take on the work of anti-racism, we have an ongoing collection of resources at evidencebasedbirth.com/birthjustice

Gender Inclusivity 

Evidence Based Birth® incorporates gender neutral language in the materials that we produce. We affirm and     respect that some pregnant and birthing people do not gender identify as women and we strive to accurately reflect this diversity in the language that we use. We also acknowledge that many people giving birth do gender identify as women, and for this reason we have retained gender-specific language as well. We hope that you find our use of language to be both balanced and inclusive. 

We accept comments that seek understanding and more information, but comments that express homophobia, transphobia, intolerance, and/or hateful language are prohibited and will be deleted. Members who violate this rule will be removed from the group.


Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Respect the privacy of others.

Screenshots are strictly forbidden; any member who takes screenshots of discussions in this groupare subject to immediate removal from the membership. This is for the safety and consideration of other members, as well as our leadership.

Facebook group: We cannot approve questions pertaining to specific client situations. We may ask you to rephrase your question to a more general topic for discussion

Facebook Group Moderation

This group is not intended to be an outlet to tag Rebecca or anyone else on the EBB Team with questions or topic requests.If you have a question for Team EBB specifically, you may direct it to: support@evidencebasedbirth.com.  We are glad to assist! We’re all in this together to create a welcoming environment. 

Members of the EBB Team are here to help facilitate and monitor discussion, but we cannot be online 24/7 due to the need to sleep, take care of children, etc.! If you see something that violates our communication guidelines, you can email support@evidencebasedbirth.comand we will do our best to address the situation as soon as we are back online! 

This is a curated group, meaning that only select posts are approved. A moderator may decline your post without explanation, though -in some cases -you will be contacted about why your post was not permitted and given an opportunity to reframe and resubmit the post.

All technical or other support requests need to be made via email or through the support thread in the forums. Members should not tag EBB Team members with support requests here on Facebook and should never send us direct messages on Facebook. Instead, support can be found at our email address, or by using the support icon on our website. 

BE MINDFUL: If you are unsure whether a topic has been covered before, please use the search feature of the group to look for any relevant posts. Similarly, if you want to know if a topic has been covered on the Evidence Based Birth blog, we invite you to search before requesting new articles.We encourage people to take initiative to find research on a topic before beginning a discussion. Consider our training on how to use the Cochrane Library here: evidencebasedbirth.com/find-evidence-cochranelibrary

Posts that are likely to NOT be approved:

-Advice for a specific client situation

-Recommendations for doulas or midwives, etc.

-Asking if a topic has been covered at EBB before

-A topic that’s already been covered before in the Facebook group

-Self-promotion of your business

-General, non-birth topics of conversation

Posts ARE more likely to be approved if they are related to:

-Putting evidence into practice

-Analyzing research

-Practicing birth justice

-Updating us on your successes/struggles

-Picking brains of your peers about topics in the field

Peer-to-Peer Support Group Moderation

The EBB Team is here to help facilitate discussion in member Zoom meetings, but we cannot monitor speech in the break-out rooms, as we are not able to be present in every break-out room. If you see something that potentially violates theEBB communication guidelines, please note the comment and name of the person who made the comment, and then reach out to us at support@evidencebasedbirth.comso we can address any potential violation of our community guidelines.